About Us

Cardamom Rose and Lavender Vanilla product photo with natural ingredients and different types of coffee beverages

Flavor without additives

Think of the best hug you have ever received in your life. That warm, promising, safe, loving, tight hug you get from your most favorite person. That is how we want you to feel with every sip of Spice ‘n’ Nice flavored beverage. Each bottle is packed with the most potent and flavorful spices, flowers, and herbs humanity has been enjoying for centuries. We were inspired to create a method that adds flavor without also adding extra sugar or excluding black coffee drinkers! As you work through your favorite coffee beans, this will add a little variety each morning.


Espresso being brewed into glass espresso cup

Boost your morning cup with aromatherapy

Research shows that coffee aroma alone might help relieve stress and aromatherapy can have a significant impact on mood. We wanted to find a way to combine these effects and add a boost of self-care to what is a daily morning ritual for many people. Though seemingly tiny, each bottle yields a minimum of 50 cups of super flavorful, natural, and calorie-free coffee. New flavors are released each season and we cannot wait for you to enjoy them all.

Photo of Spice n Nice founders posing with coffee

Women owned and operated

Our leadership team shares an entrepreneurial spirit and embraces new challenges. We're excited to build a business that supports our local community and inspires others to create new ideas.